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(Secure Markets Against Fraud)
An Ultra-Secure Smart Card for Internet Operations

A New Ultra-Secure Smart Card
for Internet operations

We are introducing a new smart card (patent granted by United States Patent and Trademark Office) at a form factor of a standard credit card like MasterCard or Visa, which enables ultra-secure online transactions with remote computers, via a standard PC or any smartphone.

The new smart card is intended to solve a rising trend of online frauds in various fields where a remote identification is needed like online shopping, online banking, accessing securely personal data such as medical record at remote medical centers, governmental offices and many other applications that requires high security access to protect user from fraudsters.

Public data shows that total credit/debit cards frauds in 2018 reached an unprecedented level of about $25 Billion and expected to be in excess of $35 Billion in 2020! Over 70% of these thefts are related to CNP (Card Not Present) transactions, i.e. executing operations over the Internet without being present at site.

Our new card removes the worries of identity thefts when using it, as it is based on advanced cryptographic algorithm known in science.


Bank Card

Securely connect to your bank account to perform financial transaction. User logs to his account quickly and easily, without memorizing or typing user name, password and receiving one time security code sent by SMS or by other means. By typing 4 digits security code on the personal device, just like at ATM, the secure card verifies the code and sends the encrypted credential information to the other side for validation. It is frictionless operation and easy to perform as it is like buying at point of sale, thus, banks can lift limitations on user's activity like, amount of money per transaction as it is very secure. Banks and users will avert the annoying problem of online account thefts while members have user friendly and secure transaction.

Medical Card

SMAF Solutions introduces a new and secure medical card, as there is no such card on markets. It is an innovative secure medical card, which can be lifesaving in case of emergency. The medical card stores the critical information of its holder like blood type, sensitivity to medication etc. This information can be read immediately at emergency by connecting the card to PC or smartphone. However, if the card holder is far away from his medical provider, needing medical help, the card may connect securely to his medical provider and retrieve his health record immediately. This enables an accurate and quick medical treatment. It saves time, money, sufferance and harmful procedures which might be unnecessary, like X-ray radiation etc. Further to that, the new card eliminates medical thefts estimated at tens of Billions of Dollars in purchasing expensive medical equipment like wheelchairs, respiratory equipment and alike by faking patient's identity. Also, cardholders may buy online medicines prescribed on a permanent basis, eliminating the need to see doctor.

Identity Card

Identity theft is one of the major concerns that countries are tackling with. Once an identity is comprised, it takes a long time to reveal it, while the damage is already occurred either to the person who's identity is comprised or to the country itself. Users can secure their identity by using the new smart card. It enables communication with governmental offices, private companies or any other entity requiring user's identification, without being present. To identify yourself, all you need is your Identity card in hands and knowing your 4 digits personal security code, then by connecting the card to PC or smartphone at any place, you can access the offices securely and without the need to be at the premises.

Secured Credit Card

The new smart card enables user to perform an online buying in a secure manner like it is done at point of sale of brinks and mortar shop. Once buyer logs into seller's website and finishes to select products and reaches payment page, he connects the secure card to his PC or smartphone, types 4 digits PIN code and completes the transaction. It saves the buyer the tedious typing of user name, password, one time code (sometimes), and so many credit cards details, like card's number, expiration date etc. which is vulnerable can be comprised and used by fraudsters. Further to the highly secured buying, neither the credit cards' company nor the buyer have to worry about compromising or disclosing credit card's details as there is no way to use this information without physically connect the card to a computerized mean, thus hacking credit cards' numbers is immaterial anymore!

The Team

Herzel Noach

Mr. Noach is an electronics engineer over 35 years in various fields of engineering like R&D, production, automatic testing, business development and management, at a leading companies in Israel among them are Motorola and ECI. During that period, he has founded LSI Logic Israel, a subsidiary of LSI logic USA and a world leading company in downsizing electronic boards into one chip. He was involved nearly 20 years in smart cards security, design, application and production. Mr. Noach holds B.Sc. in electronics engineering at Ben Gurion University and Business and Administration studies at the Technion.

Herzel Noach


Eyal Ron

Mr. Ron has over 20 years of management roles in the Hi-Tech field, with experience in system engineering and software development, infrastructure mapping and information security. Mr. Ron specializes in Command & Control (C4I) and Homeland Security (HLS), and was the system engineer and integration manager in the national anti-missile project Iron Dome. Before joining SMAF Solutions, Mr. Ron acted as the CTO of AutoTel, the first car-sharing project in Israel, in association with the Tel Aviv municipality. Mr. Ron holds B.Sc. in architecture at the Technion and a B.Sc. in computer science at the Open University. He is also a certified CISO (ISSA, CISSP, CCSK).

Eyal Ron


Doron Ravid

Mr. Ravid is a Cyber Security and computers infrastructures specialist for over 17 years in the fields of R&D, B2B, B2C services and project management. He was engaged mainly with defense and governmental sectors, banking, healthcare and various industries. Mr. Ravid has deeply involved in anti-missile national project Iron Dome, David Sling and other projects in America, Europe, Asia and Africa. Before joining SMAF Solutions, Mr. Ravid started and managed a cyber-security boutique company called S.L.G Technologies, expertizing in encryption procedures, security architecture and standards regulations. Mr. Ravid holds B.A. in economics and business management at Bar-Ilan University.

Doron Ravid


Wilfried Kampe

Throughout the past 25 yrs Mr. Kampe has held several international sales, marketing, and product management positions in a variety of companies primarily involved with digital imaging & printing, telecommunications, and machine engineering. During the past four years he acted as Managing Director of Kornit Digital Europe GmbH, a European subsidiary operation of Israeli based Kornit Digital (NASDAQ:KRNT), a digital textile printing technology company and worldwide leader in industrial digital Direct-to-Garment printing. Mr. Kampe studied translation sciences and holds a diploma in French and Spanish translations from Cologne University of Applied Sciences.

Wilfried Kampe

Managing Director Europe

Noa Ophir

Mrs. Ophir is currently pursuing her Ph.D. medical studies at Tel-Aviv University conducting medical research of pulmonary disease, at Tel Aviv medical center. Prior to that, she was a lead CRA for 5 years at several international clinical research companies. Mrs. Ophir holds B.Med.Lab.Sc. and M.Med.Sc degrees from the Faculty of Health Science at Ben Gurion University. During her master degree Mrs. Ophir discovered a new regulation pathway of a key protein. Her thesis was published as an innovation in Oxford Medical Journal.

Noa Ophir

Medical Advisor Health Card Applications


We are looking for collaboration with leading banks, credit cards issuers, membership/Loyalty payment cards, for the financial secure smart card.

Regarding the personal identification card, we are looking for a strategic partner from the ID cards industry to deploy it in countries or organizations where remote and local ID is required.

For the medical card, any large medical institute or medical insurance company, medical healthcare firms that may propose a better and fast medical treatment to patients to reduce their risk and time, but at the same time reduce medical care expenses and increase company's profit.

A collaborator will enjoy "first to market" product on top of all other benefits resulting from usage of a secure smart card.

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